Page 174 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 174
3325. Did you mean to say that the Master-at-arms was keeping the passengers back? - I did not see him, I said it was his duty to do so - to keep people off the next deck. 3326. Do you mean under ordinary circumstances? - Yes. 3327. During the voyage? - Yes. 3328. But you did not mean to say - at least, I hope not - that the Master-at-arms was keeping these passengers back at this critical time? - I never saw him. If he was, no doubt he was the same as myself and he did not think any harm was coming. 3329. Now, with regard to the lights on the boats you saw none at all after the boats were all in the water? - No. 3330. Do not you think you may be mistaken? - I saw a light, I saw another accident boat burning a blue or a green light. 3331. I mean ordinary boat lights? - No, I did not. 3332. (The Commissioner.) The ordinary boats’ light is white? - Yes. 3333. (Mr. Laing.) Did you see the lamp trimmer carrying about a lot of lighted lamps on the boat deck? - No. 3334. And serving them out to the boats? - I never saw the lamp trimmer whatever. 3335. Now, when you say that in the White Star Line they have a man forward in the forecastle-head as a look-out as well as in the crow’s-nest, do you mean in dense fogs? - No, in any hazy weather whatever. 3336. In foggy weather? - Yes. 3337. Then they have a man forward on the lookout? - Yes, they generally put two extra men on the look-out. 3338. That is when they are blowing the whistle for a fog, is it? - Yes. 3339. (The Commissioner.) There was no fog on this night, was there? - No, my Lord. (The Witness withdrew.) JAMES JOHNSON, Sworn. Examined by MR. ROWLATT. 3340. James Johnson, is that your name? - Yes. 3341. You live, I think, in Liverpool? - Yes. 3342. Were you on the “Titanic” as saloon steward? - In the saloon, not the saloon steward. 3343. Which saloon was it? - The first saloon. I was night watchman; I had charge of the night watch. There were five of us went on every night. 3344. I want to get the part of the ship first - which was it? - The first saloon. 3345. Where is that situated in the ship? - By the exit doors from A, B, and C down to E deck to the engine room; the saloon is in front of that, through the pantry. 3346. Do you understand that plan; can you see it? - Yes, I have an idea. 3347. Can you see where the engine room is? - Yes, it was in front of that. It ran through that blue mark, I should think. The first big blue one. 3348. Can you see the funnels? - Yes. 3349. Do you know where your saloon was with reference to the funnels? Do you know where the engineers’ room was? - Yes. 3350. There it is? - I say the first large blue mark would be the entrance door. 3351. “Third-class galley and stewards,” I see there? - Yes, the working stairs. 3352. Were you further along here (pointing)? - Yes.
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