Page 173 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 173
3292. Whereabouts were the ends of the falls? Were they situated near the boat or near the house? - The coils? Do you mean when the falls are in the boat? 3293. When you put them out where did you sling them? - On the deck - coiled them down on the amidship part of the deck. 3294. When the people came up they were standing on the falls? - They were. 3295. The result was they interfered with the falls in the middle of the deck and you had a difficulty in getting the people out of the way? - Yes. 3296. You stated somebody attempted to rush the boats? - Yes. 3297. Were they English people? - Foreigners. 3298. Were they members of the crew? - No, I never saw any members of the crew. 3299. She had no foreigners in the crew? - No, not that I know of. 3300. You do not know? - No. 3301. When the boats were hung out you were on the starboard side? - I was on the port side. 3302. The ship had a list? - Yes. 3303. Had you any difficulty in getting the women into the boat? - No. 3304. Did any women refuse to go in? - Yes. 3305. Why? - Because they would not leave their husbands. 3306. Did any refuse to go into the boat because they were afraid to step over the gap to the boat-side? - No. Examined by MR. LAING. 3307. When Mr. Lightoller told you about the falls not being strong enough was that when the boat was being rushed? - Yes; the boat was already full. 3308. (The Commissioner.) No. How many were in the boat? - There were 40 in the boat, but the falls would not take any more. The Commissioner: Well, that is what Mr. Lightoller said. Apparently the falls had taken more in the other boats. 3309. (Mr. Laing.) When Mr. Lightoller said that was the boat being rushed or were they trying to rush the boat? - They were trying to rush the boat. 3310. Afterwards he told you to lower away? - Well, he did not tell me, he told the other two men. 3311. (The Commissioner.) They were men passengers to rush the boat? - Yes. 3312. Not the crew? - No. 3313. Not women? - No, my Lord. 3314. But men? - Yes. 3315. Trying to rush into the boat? - Yes. 3316. And was it then and in order to prevent them rushing into the boat that Mr. Lightoller said that the falls would not stand it? - No. 3317. What was it then? - When the boat had sufficient in he said that. 3318. There were not sufficient? - That is nothing to do with me, my Lord. I do not know if there is sufficient or not. I have to obey orders. 3319. Yes, but I thought you told me the capacity of these boats was 65? - So it is, my Lord. 3320. Then did not you know that the boat was not full? - No, my Lord. 3321. You knew the capacity was 60 to 65. Did you know there were only 40 in it? - No, not at the time, my Lord. 3322. (Mr. Laing.) Mr. Lightoller was there, at all events? - Yes. 3323. And he was the officer who said this about the falls, you say? - Yes. 3324. The boat looked full to you as far as you could see? - Yes, it did.
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