Page 171 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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3242. Now let me see it. (The document was handed to the Commissioner.) The tonnage on this paper is 5,397? - Yes, my Lord, it would be. That is from the Board of Trade. 3243. You said “over 3,000.” Sir Robert Finlay: “Three thousand odd” was his expression. 3244. (The Commissioner.) On this paper it is 5,000 odd - 5397. Where does the lifeboat accommodation appear on this paper? - The lifeboats do not appear upon that, but I know from experience. The Attorney-General: I think he was on her. I do not know whether he served on her; I think he did. 3245. (The Commissioner - To the Witness.) Did you serve on her? - Yes, my Lord. 3246. (Mr. Lewis.) The tonnage is something over 5,000 tons I understand? - Yes. 3247. What is roughly the tonnage of the “Titanic”? - Forty-six thousand odd, I believe. 3248. How many boats were on the “Titanic”? - Sixteen, and four rafts. 3249. And how many on the boat you speak about? - Sixteen. 3250. Would they be the same size, or smaller? - Near about the same size. The Commissioner: It is really no use whatever. If this evidence is to be of value it must be accurate. “Near about” conveys nothing to my mind. Mr. Lewis: You have the evidence that this boat was over 5,000 tons. The Commissioner: Yes, he began by saying 3,000. Mr. Lewis: Yes, but he had the figures in his pocket, my Lord. The Commissioner: It makes a good deal of difference if he was thinking of 3,000 tons, when he said the proportion of lifeboats was in excess. He may have been right, but it makes a great deal of difference if the 3,000 is altered to 5,000. Mr. Lewis: And also if the lifeboats are smaller. It is common knowledge that the accommodation provided by that particular company is much better than that provided by the White Star Company. The Commissioner: That may be important, but if it is to be important to me it must be accurate. Mr. Lewis: Well, as near as possible, my Lord, but sailors as a rule are not particularly accurate. Sir Robert Finlay: There cannot be the slightest difficulty in getting authentic information. The Commissioner: The Royal Mail office will give you the information. The Attorney-General: We will take care that that evidence shall be brought before your Lordship. I quite appreciate it must be accurate. The Commissioner: He does not remember whether it was 3,000 or 5,000. It is no good. 3251. (Mr. Lewis - To the Witness.) If you will tell us the number of boats carried on the Royal Mail boat I am content. Can you tell us? - 16. 3252. Can you tell us the number of men carried by the Royal Mail Company on the boat I referred to? - 50. 3253. How many A. B.'s? - Two to a boat. Examined by MR. COTTER. 3254. How long have you been in the employ of the White Star Line? - About six months. 3255. When did you join the “Titanic”? - When she left Southampton. I joined the “Titanic” in Southampton. 3256. What do you mean by when she left Southampton? - I joined the “Titanic” in Southampton. 3257. How many days before she sailed? - On Good Friday.
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