Page 169 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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3184. (The Commissioner.) Were you anywhere where you could hear any orders? - No. I was up clearing away the boats; if an order was given that is where I was. The Commissioner: It is no use asking that because he was not in a place where he could hear. Mr. Harbinson: He did not hear. The Commissioner: Of course, he did not if he was not in a place where he could. 3185. (Mr. Harbinson.) About how many men were left on the well deck when you put off in the boat? - I could not exactly say. 3186. Was there a big crowd? - There was a crowd. 3187. Mainly third-class passengers? - All third-class passengers. 3188. And in this boat that was lowered there were only two seamen? - In my boat. 3189. You pulled away, I understand, about 150 yards from the “Titanic”? - Yes. 3190. I gather you to say that if there had been more seamen in your boat you could have gone to the assistance of the cries? - I could. 3191. It was because of insufficient manning that you were unable to rescue? - Quite so. Examined by MR. HOLMES. 3192. The number of 40 that you have given us of passengers that got into your boat was only a rough estimate on your part. You did not count them? - That is correct. 3193. Do you know whether Mr. Lowe counted them? - No. 3194. Did the boat appear to you to be sufficiently full when it was lowered? - Yes, because people with lifebelts on take up room for two. 3195. You told us that the boat was being rushed by some of the third-class passengers? - Yes. 3196. Had that anything to do with the anxiety to get the boat lowered and out of the way? - Yes, it was a great inconvenience. 3197. It was advisable to get it away at once? - Yes. Examined by MR. LEWIS. 3198. I understand you assisted in lowering a number of boats before you went to your own? - Yes. 3199. How long did it take you before you reached your own boat? - About 45 or 50 minutes. 3200. When you came to your own boat were there any other sailors there? - Yes, three. 3201. They assisted to lower the boat? - Yes, and went in the boat. 3202. Were you ordered out of your boat? - Yes, I was ordered out of it. 3203. You subsequently returned? - I was ordered out of the boat by Mr. Lightoller. 3204. Did you go? - Yes. 3205. Did you subsequently return? - I said to Mr. Lightoller, “There is no seaman in that boat.” He said “all right, go back again.” 3206. Because there was no seamen in the boat you were allowed to go back? - Yes. 3207. With regard to third-class passengers, from your general knowledge, would they be allowed under ordinary circumstances upon the boat deck? - No. 3208. They would be kept back if they made any attempt? - No doubt they would. 3209. Who would they be kept by - the Master-at-arms? - The Master-at-arms and the stewards. 3210. I suppose the Master-at-arms was on duty upon this evening? - Yes. 3211. And as far as you know the rules would be in operation then as on ordinary occasions? - Yes. 3212. (The Commissioner.) Do not you know that all barriers were down? - All barriers were
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