Page 168 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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3155. On what kind of ships? - On the Royal Mail boats, and also on the “Oceanic” and the “Teutonic.” 3156. And those are ships which have crow’s-nests as well? - Yes. 3157. On those boats has it been the practice to have as well as the look-out man in the crow’s- nest, a look-out man at the forecastle-head? - Yes, and the White Star Liners always do have one. 3158. From your experience is the forecastle-head a good place from which to keep a look-out? - Well, it is. 3159. (The Commissioner.) Is it better than the crow’s-nest? - No, my Lord. 3160. (Mr. Scanlan.) Would it be better for icebergs than the crow’s-nest? - No. 3161. Were you provided with binocular glasses on those other liners? - Well, you are. 3162. (The Commissioner.) Do you use them? - Yes, my Lord. 3163. Is your sight bad? - No. 3164. (Mr. Scanlan.) Are binocular glasses given to the look-out men in the crow’s-nest, and also to the look-out man at the forecastle-head? - Yes. 3165. You have had them yourself? - Yes, and used them. 3166. Did you find it of advantage to have them? - It is in the day, but I cannot say anything about at night. 3167. Did you see collapsible boats being got off? - No. 3168. In the lowering of the other boats when you were assisting on deck, were you in a position to see whether they had lanterns? - Not in the boats. 3169. When you were clearing them? - No, we only cut the covers off and threw them on one side. 3170. When you hailed the other boats in the course of the night before being rescued by the “Carpathia,” did you observe whether or not they had lanterns? - Nobody had a light; only Mr. Lowe had a flash electric light belonging to himself, I believe. 3171. Is it your evidence that all the boats you came across from leaving the “Titanic” until you were rescued were unprovided with lanterns? - Yes, quite right. 3172. Did this make it specially dangerous for you in navigating your boats at night? - Not necessarily. 3173. (The Commissioner.) No harm occurred as far I know from there being no lanterns on board? - No, my Lord, none whatever. Examined by MR. HARBINSON. 3174. Do you know how many third-class passengers were in the fore part of this “Titanic”? - No. 3175. You say you saw a great number about when you were going down on the well deck? - When I was coming up from the well deck. 3176. That would be about three quarters of an hour after the collision? - Yes. 3177. With regard to this bulkhead that you have spoken of, which broke, it separated your compartment from the third-class compartment; it ran between them? - Yes. 3178. Did the breaking of that bulkhead involve the flooding of the third-class compartment? - The third-class compartment was flooded. 3179. Before the bulkhead broke at all? - Yes. 3180. Did you see people come up? - Yes. 3181. Were they up at the time? - They were up when I came up from the forecastle. 3182. Had you heard previous to that any instructions given by the officers to the passengers in the third-class compartment? - No. 3183. You heard none given? - No, none whatever.
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