Page 164 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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3029. At the end of this quarter of an hour what did you do then? - I hailed for other boats. 3030. Hailed for them? - Yes. 3031. What do you mean by that? - Called to see if there were any in the vicinity of where I was. 3032. Had you a light in your boat? - No. 3033. Did you look for one? - Yes. 3034. Is there a place for a light? - Well, there is not a place made in the boats for a light, but it is a case of having a lamp tied up in the after-thwarts. 3035. Did you look there? - Yes. I knew where to go and find it. 3036. Were there sufficient oars in the boat? - Yes. 3037. Was there any water in the boat? - Yes. 3038. Were there any provisions? - Yes. 3039. At the end of this quarter of an hour you hailed the other boats; did you get any answer to your hail? - Yes. 3040. What answer did you get? - I heard somebody call out, and they came up to us - another lifeboat. 3041. Were they showing you a light from that other boat? - No. 3042. Do you know the number of that lifeboat? - No. 3043. Do you know who was in charge of it? - No. 3044. Was it an officer or a seaman? - A seaman. 3045. Do you know the name of the man in charge? - I think it was Foley, a storekeeper. 3046. Did anything pass between you and that boat with regard to changing passengers? - No. 3047. (The Commissioner.) What did you hail it for? - To tie up, to keep together. 3048. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) Did you tie up and keep together? - Yes. 3049. What happened next? - We saw another boat in charge of Officer Lowe. 3050. Did that boat come to you, or did you go to it? - He came to me. 3051. When he came to you, what happened? - He discharged some of his passengers into my boat and some into the other boat that was tied up astern of me. 3052. How many passengers did he put into your boat? - About a dozen. 3053. Did he remain with you then, or go away? - A few minutes. 3054. And at the end of the few minutes what did he do? - He took the men crew, what he had already had, and went and searched. 3055. He went off to search. Now were the cries still going on? - No. 3056. Did you tell him anything which led him to go and search? - No. 3057. Did he tell you anything? - He told me he was going to search and to stop where I was. 3058. What were the people that were put into your boat? Were they women, or men and women? - Women; I would not take any men. 3059. You would not take the men? - No. 3060. Now, Mr. Lowe went away? - Mr. Lowe went away. 3061. What happened next? - We met another lifeboat. 3062. (The Commissioner.) This is a third, is it? - Yes. 3063. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) Do you know the number? - I believe it was 14. 3064. When you say you believe it was 14, what is your reason for believing it? - Well, I am not certain. 3065. It is a guess? - Well, I do not know. 3066. Do you know who was in charge of that boat? - No. 3067. Do you know the name of anybody who was in that boat? - No. 3068. Was an officer in the boat? - No. 3069. Do you know a man named Scarrott? - Yes.
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