Page 160 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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deck. 2881. Did you see them coming up? - They were already there. 2882. Was there a large number of them there? - Yes. 2883. And when you say “there” what do you mean precisely by that? - On the port side of the well deck, outside, from under the forecastle. 2884. As you passed, I suppose it was a short time? - Well, it was directly I came out of the forecastle. 2885. You saw them gathered there? - Yes. The Commissioner: I want to know where they were gathered? Mr. Butler Aspinall: I think he could point out to your Lordship. 2886. (The Commissioner.) Were they gathered on the well deck or did he see them on the boat deck? - Gathered on the well deck, my Lord, port side. 2887. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) It is difficult to tell numbers on a dark night? - There may have been 50 or there may have been 100, I could not say. 2888. Were they not only gathered, but were they remaining there? - Yes. 2889. Stopping there? - Yes. 2890. Were there men, women, and children? - No. 2891. What were they? - They were men, foreigners. 2892. You saw no women? - None whatever. 2893. It may be the women are berthed aft of the ship? - Yes, aft, away from the men altogether. 2894. Now, was there anybody connected with the ship, stewards or sailors, or anybody else, giving any information to these people? - Yes. 2895. Who was giving information? - The third-class stewards were with them, some of them. 2896. They were with them? - With the passengers. 2897. Were they telling them anything? - They were conversing with them. 2898. What do you mean by that? - Why, speaking to them. 2899. Did you hear anything they said to them? - No. 2900. Were there any orders being given - you know what I mean - orders in a loud voice? - I never heard any. 2901. They were gathered together? - Yes, in a bunch. 2902. And talking? - Yes. 2903. Then you passed along? - I went up the ladder then to go to the boat deck. 2904. And when you had gone up to the boat deck did you leave behind you these people on the well deck? - Yes. 2905. Now having got up what did you do? - I went along to No. 12 boat. 2906. That's your station boat? - Yes. 2907. When you got to your station boat in what condition was it? Where was it? - Hung to the davits. 2908. Was it swung out? - Yes. 2909. (The Commissioner.) What number was your boat? - No. 12. 2910. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) That is on the port side? - Yes. 2911. The last boat but two? - Yes. 2912. Now having got to your boat, was it in a line with the boat deck or had it been lowered? - It was lowered, but in line with the boat deck. 2913. In a line with the boat deck? - Yes. 2914. Was there anybody there looking after it? - Yes. 2915. Who? - Mr. Lightoller. 2916. Is he an officer? - Second Officer.
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