Page 155 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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2747. Did you see where the water was coming from - did you see any hole or anything like that? - No, I could not see that from up top; you could not see that. 2748. From all you saw, the water may have been rising from below? - Rising from below for all I know. Further examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 2749. If I understand you aright, I suppose you were examined by the doctor when everybody else was examined - when you were all told to fall in? - Yes. 2750. And not specially because you were the look-out man, or anything of that kind? - No. 2751. That is in accordance with the regulations. There is one question I would like to put to you, because I am not sure that we have got your answer clearly upon it. When you were in the crow’s-nest did you first of all feel the impact, the blow of the vessel on the iceberg? Did you feel it? - The ship seemed to heel slightly over to port as she struck the berg. 2752. You felt her strike, did you? - Oh, indeed, Sir. 2753. Then she heeled a little over to port? - Very slightly over to port, as she struck along the starboard side. 2754. Could you tell at all whether she had struck above or below the waterline? Can you say that? - It was hard to say that - we would not know. The Commissioner: What is supposed to have caused the ice to fall on the deck? Was it some part of the ship, the “Titanic,” striking the berg above the waterline, or was it something that fell from the iceberg without the iceberg being struck. The Attorney-General: I should have thought myself that it followed that the vessel must have struck the iceberg, and brought the ice on to the deck. The Commissioner: So I should have thought, but I was wondering what part of the “Titanic” would strike the iceberg. 2755. (The Attorney-General.) I do not think there is any such suggestion. (To the Witness.) You have told us that you saw some ice fall on to the fore-well deck? - It must have been overhanging from the berg as she struck, otherwise it could not have come there, because there were no yards on the mast or anything of that sort. It must have been. 2756. It must have been either the head or the side? - It caused it to fall inboard. This is where it landed, just on that fore-well deck. (Showing on the model.) 2757. You did not notice that, did you. Did you notice whether there was any overhanging part? - No, I cannot say what was overhanging; I cannot say the size. 2758. Did you notice where it fell on the fore-well deck. Was it amidships or on the starboard side or port side? - It was on this side here, the starboard side. (showing.) 2759. I think there is one other thing you may still be able to tell us. When she struck, did the blow continue? Did she seem to be ripping along? - There was a rending of metal. 2760. Did you notice that? - Yes. You could hear that from where we were. 2761. You could hear a rending of metal? - Yes, you could hear a rending of metal right away. It seemed to be running right along the starboard side. The Attorney-General: That is what I wanted to understand from you. (The Witness withdrew.) (After a short adjournment.) JOHN POINGDESTRE, Sworn.
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