Page 152 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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would not see anybody there, only the sailor folk or some of the firemen. 2673. Were there many passengers about the front of the boat when you came down? - No. 2674. Did you see any stewards about? - Yes, there may have been one or two, but I did not see many. 2675. Did you see anybody giving any instructions or warnings to the passengers in that part of the boat? - I saw the bos’un and he sent the watch up on deck to clear the boats. 2676. But you did not hear any instructions given as to warnings to be given to the passengers? - No, I could not hear them there. 2677. You made your way immediately down to boat No. 13? - No, up from the foc’sle to the boat deck here (showing.) right along the starboard side. 2678. To boat No. 13? - No. 11, down the side to No. 11 and No. 13 (showing). 2679. Were there any passengers about the place about the position of boat No. 13? - We had no women or children there, but there were a few men that went over to the other side, or got into the next boat. 2680. Was it before or after the lowering of your boat that you saw the rockets first go up? - They were sending them up before the boat was lowered into the water. The Commissioner: You have told us that already, you know. Examined by MR. LEWIS. 2681. How long have you been an A. B.? - [No Answer.] 2682. (The Commissioner.) How long have you been a sailor? How old are you now? - Forty- one. 2683. When did you first go to sea? - In 1887. 2684. That is twenty-five years ago, so that you went to sea when you were about 16? - Yes, 16. 2685. When did you become an A. B.? - Last year. The Commissioner: It is a long time you know. He says he became an A. B. last year. 2686. (Mr. Lewis.) I do not press that point, Sir. How many times have you acted as look-out man? - [No Answer.] 2687. (The Commissioner.) Have you counted the number of times that you have acted as a look-out man? - I could not swear I have. I was a look-out man on the way to China in the “Cordelia,” but I was not paid for it. I was 14 years in the Naval Service. I was in the “Minnehaha,” and I was in the “Olympic,” and I was in the “Titanic.” 2688. (Mr. Lewis.) Is your sight good? - I hope so. 2689. Never anything the matter with your sight at all? - No. 2690. Is there an examination of the eyes before you are appointed look-out man at Southampton, or elsewhere? - Yes. 2691. Who by? - You go through the Board of Trade office. 2692. At Southampton? - Yes. 2693. What doctor examined you? - I do not know his name. 2694. A doctor did examine you at Southampton; did he particularly examine your eyes; did he test your sight? - Yes. 2695. Do you swear that he tested your sight at Southampton at the Board of Trade Dock there; do you swear that? - No. 2696. Let us be quite clear. You were examined by the Board of Trade doctor at the Southampton - is that so? - I am not going to answer that. 2697. (The Commissioner.) What did you say? Were you examined at Southampton by a doctor? - Yes, Sir, but not for eyesight though. He only just asked me - not a test to get a
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