Page 151 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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spoke about it together. 2648. Who was there at this conversation? - Fleet, Hogg, Evans, Simmons [Symons], and myself were all there. 2649. And were you all talking about binoculars? - They were asking why they could not have them, because they had been in use from Belfast to Southampton, and they wanted to know what had become of the glasses that we had used in that time. 2650. Then the binoculars, according to this conversation, had been in the crow’s-nest coming from Belfast to Southampton? - Yes. 2651. And therefore when she left Harland and Wolff’s, if this conversation ever took place and it was accurate, the binoculars were there, and they had vanished at Southampton? - I was not there at the time, my Lord. 2652. But, as I understand, the conversation was to the effect that they had been in the ship when she left Belfast? - Yes. 2653. And the matter being discussed at this conversation was where they had gone? - Yes. 2654. And where had they gone? - I do not know. 2655. Did the conversation lead to any conclusion on that point? - We did not have any to use. 2656. I know that, so you say; but did you in your conversation arrive at any conclusion as to what had become of them? - We simply went without them, my Lord, that is all. 2657. (Mr. Harbinson.) You considered it was a serious matter not to have them? - If you have got good eyesight it is not necessary to have them perhaps. The Commissioner: That is your statement, you know. 2658. (Mr. Harbinson.) You were told to look out for ice and “growlers”? - Quite so. 2659. Had you been told there was ice about? - Yes. 2660. Did you know, as a matter of fact - had it been communicated to you - that a warning had been given from the “Baltic” as to ice being about? - No. The orders were passed over from the man that we relieved. 2661. Jewell and the others? - Jewell and Simmons [Symons]. 2662. You knew that ice was about? - You could smell it. The Commissioner: “Smell it”? Mr. Harbinson: That is his reply. 2663. (The Commissioner.) This is the first time I have heard that. Does he mean that he felt the cold? (To the Witness.) Is that what you mean by “smell”? - There was a sudden change in the temperature, my Lord. The Commissioner: Then I understand. 2664. (Mr. Harbinson.) But so far as you knew the boat was going at the same speed? - Yes. 2665. Was the haze visible from the bridge, this haze that you saw? - It should have been. 2666. Despite the fact that this haze was about, you saw no slackening of speed? - No. 2667. And no alteration of the course? - No. 2668. I think you said that off the banks of Newfoundland on previous occasions there has been an additional man in the bows - an additional look-out? - Yes. 2669. How many times in your experience? - In the Navy they have extra look-outs on each side of the foc’sle, and may be aloft as well. 2670. But you yourself have seen it on boats you have been previously employed on ? - Yes. 2671. Immediately after the collision, did you come down from the crow’s-nest? - No, I waited till our relief’s came up at 12 o’clock. The Commissioner: You are taking him all over the same story again. He told you that he came down from the crow’s-nest at 12 o’clock, the end of his watch. 2672. (Mr. Harbinson.) Immediately you came down from the crow’s-nest, did you see any of the passengers come from the forepart of the boat? - No, because underneath the foc’sle you
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