Page 150 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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2621. And somebody on the bridge as well? - That was off the banks of Newfoundland. 2622. Was there somebody on the bridge as well? - Two quartermasters were there, and the officer of the watch. 2623. What ship was this? - The “Minnehaha.” 2624. What line does she belong to? - The Atlantic Transport. 2625. Is she a mail boat? - No, Sir. 2626. (Mr. Scanlan.) As you have been stationed both in the crow’s-nest and in other ships on the bows, I want you to give us your opinion as to whether it would be easier to see the iceberg if you were stationed at the bows than in the crow’s-nest? The Commissioner: He has given you an answer to that which I believe to be quite true, that he does not know. 2627. (Mr. Scanlan.) You were assisting in the launching of all the boats from the starboard side? - I did not say all the boats. 2628. A number of them? - Some of them. 2629. How many of them? - I do not know how many - about three or four. 2630. Were any of these three or four boats that you assisted in launching provided with lights, lamps? - I did not look for them. Examined by MR. HARBINSON. 2631. I believe you went from Southampton to Cherbourg? - Yes. 2632. Did you take many passengers on at Cherbourg? - That I could not say. 2633. You do not know? - No. 2634. Then you went from Cherbourg to Queenstown? - Yes. 2635. Did you ship many passengers at Queenstown? - A good number, but I cannot say how many. 2636. But a good number? - Yes. 2637. Mainly, I suppose, third-class passengers? - Yes, third-class passengers. 2638. (Mr. Harbinson.) Do I rightly understand that third-class passengers were carried both fore and aft in the “Titanic”? The Commissioner: You do; you need not wait for an answer to that. Mr. Harbinson: Thank your Lordship. The Witness: Yes, fore and aft. 2639. You say you asked for glasses. Who did you ask? - I did not ask. 2640. Did you know that anybody asked for glasses? - Yes, I think Simmons [Symons] asked. 2641. Who did he ask? - He was supposed to ask one of the officers on the bridge, but I do not know whether he asked. I am only just saying what I was told. 2642. (The Commissioner.) Simmons [Symons] told you that he asked, did he? - So I understand, that he asked the question on the bridge. 2643. Did Simmons [Symons] tell you that he asked the question on the bridge? - I think I am right in saying that he did. 2644. Are you sure about it? - I will not swear that he did. I know that we all spoke about it, my Lord, and when they asked. 2645. When who asked? - When one of them asked about the glasses they were told there were none for us. 2646. Who was the one that asked? - I think it was Simmons [Symons]. 2647. What makes you think so? - Because I can remember the conversation about it. We all
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