Page 139 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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2360. There is only one matter I want to ask you about. You saw the ship go down - the “Titanic”? - Yes. 2361. Had you heard the band playing? - I had not heard the band; my friends told me they heard it; some of my mates said they heard it. I did not hear it. (The Witness withdrew.) REGINALD ROBINSON LEE, Sworn. Examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. The Attorney-General: This is the Witness about whom you asked when my friend the Solicitor-General was examining the look-out man who had been relieved at 10 o’clock. Your Lordship asked whether he was alive. The Commissioner: I do not know whether there is any significance at all in this evidence of explosions before the sinking of the ship. I do not know what it points to, and I do not know whether it is important or relevant, but you did not ask the last Witness about it. 2362. (The Attorney-General.) I did not think he could tell us anything about it; that is why we did not ask. Your Lordship will appreciate that in regard to a number of the questions we are putting, when all the facts are ascertained they may or may not be relevant, but we thought it right that all the facts should be ascertained, so that then your Lordship can select such as you think relevant and material after hearing it all. (To the Witness.) Are you an able seaman? - Yes. 2363. And were you on the “Titanic” when she sailed in April on her first voyage? - Yes. 2364. You were the look-out man? - Yes. 2365. You have had about 15 or 16 years at sea altogether? - Yes. 2366. Just tell us, in your experience, speaking generally, have you had experience in mail steamers? - Yes. 2367. Are glasses usually supplied to the lookout man in mail steamers? - Not that I know. 2368. Have you acted as look-out man in other ships before the “Titanic”? - Yes. 2369. On mail steamers? - Yes. 2370. Have you ever had glasses for use as look-out man? - Yes, but I do not know whether they were private or supplied by the company. 2371. You have had them, but you do not know whether they were private or not? - No. 2372. Have you found them of use? - They are better than the ordinary eye-sight. 2373. Are they of use at night at all? - Certainly, night glasses. 2374. I think I caught what you said just now, “night glasses”? - Yes. 2375. There are different glasses used at night from those used in the day; is that right? - Well, they are called that by the trade, I believe. 2376. Glasses to be used at night? - Yes. 2377. Do you know whether they are supplied in any other vessels of the White Star Line? - I cannot say they are for certainty, but my mate in the crow’s-nest, who was for four years in the “Oceanic” as look-out man, told me they had them there. 2378. Who is your mate in the crow’s-nest? - Fleet. 2379. (The Commissioner.) Fleet told you they were in the “Oceanic”? - They used them there. 2380. (The Attorney-General.) Were there any on the “Titanic? - No, not for our use anyway. 2381. Was there any place in the crow’s-nest for glasses? - Yes. 2382. On the “Titanic”? - Yes, there was - a small box. 2383. There was a box in the crow’s-nest? - Yes. 2384. If I understand you aright, there was a box there for glasses, but no glasses in the box? - I
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