Page 138 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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Yes. 2335. And, therefore, that was all right? - Yes. 2336. Did the fact that there was fire in that bunker in any way conduce to the collision as far as you know? Had it anything to do with it? - I could not say that. 2337. Do you think it had? Do you think that the fire had anything to do with this disaster? - That would be hard to say, my Lord. The Commissioner: Very well; perhaps I am asking you a riddle. Examined by MR. LAING. 2338. Did you work out that bunker yourself? - I was in charge. There were between 8 and 10 men doing it. 2339. Was it fire or only heat? - It was fire. 2340. Did you play upon it? - The hose was going all the time. 2341. And did they get it out by the Saturday? - Yes. 2342. Cleared all out? - Yes. 2343. I want to ask you about this bunker, just a question or two. When you saw the water coming into the bunker in No. 5 section, did you shut the bunker door? - Yes. 2344. The bunker door is not a watertight door? - No. 2345. And did you tell the engineer that you had seen water coming in? - I reported to Mr. Shepherd and he reported to Mr. Hesketh. 2346. And as far as you know you are not able to say whether they were pumping it or not? - No. 2347. All you know is you shut the door and left it? - Yes. 2348. When this rush of water came from the pass, you went up and got in the alleyway? - Yes. 2349. You have told us that was about ten minutes past one, I think? - That is as near as I can recollect. 2350. Was there water on the alleyway? - Just a little. 2351. I do not know whether you know - do you know where that must have come from? - No. In my idea, the cause of that water being in the alleyway was some of the lower deck ports being open, and the water reached them and came through the ports. 2352. But to be on the alleyway the water must have been above the level of the watertight bulkhead? - The water was coming down the alleyway from forward. 2353. If there was water on the alleyway it must have been above the watertight bulkhead? - I cannot say; I do not know how high the watertight bulkhead is. The Commissioner: Is that so? 2354. (Mr. Laing.) I think so, my Lord; I think that must be so. (To the Witness.) This rush of water which you have described coming from the pass; was it like a fire hose? - No, it was a greater rush than a fire hose. 2355. Can you give us any idea of the volume of water that came in when you were in No. 6? - The pass was filled up. 2356. When you were in No. 6? - No, No. 5. 2357. No, when you were in No. 6; the first rush of water - was that heavy? - Pretty heavy. 2358. With regard to the revolutions, did you keep the same revolutions all Sunday, so far as you know? - Yes. 2359. Up to the time of this disaster? - Yes. Re-examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL.
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