Page 136 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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The Commissioner: Such a question and such an answer produce no effect upon my mind. This man was not busy measuring the amount the other boats were out of the water. He was nearly unconscious. Mr. Lewis: I am anxious to know whether this witness hailed another boat, and I am entitled to ask him why he hailed the boat and whether, in his opinion, the boat he hailed was full or not. The Commissioner: He has answered that question. Then you asked him how many inches the gunwale of the boat was above the water. I tell you that in my opinion, if he told me, if he answered it, it would produce no effect upon my mind. Mr. Lewis: I am satisfied with the answer, my Lord. The Commissioner: I do not believe he was measuring such things or thinking about such things. 2291. (Mr. Lewis - To the Witness.) Do you know the number of the boat? - I inquired on board the “Carpathia”; I believe it was No. 1. 2292. Now, with regard to the bunker, you have said this bunker referred to just now was empty - the coal bunker? - Yes. 2293. Were there any other coal bunkers empty forward? - No. 2294. Was this the only one empty? - Yes. 2295. Had it been emptied in the usual way? - No. 2296. Why was it emptied? - My orders were to get it out as soon as possible. 2297. When did you receive those orders? - Not very long after the ship left Southampton. 2298. Was there anything wrong? - Yes. 2299. What was wrong? - The bunker was a-fire. 2300. Shortly after you left Southampton - The Commissioner: Now how is this relevant to this Inquiry. 2301. Shortly after you left Southampton - I'll put another question or two, and you will see why I think it is relevant. (To the Witness.) How long did it take them to work the coal out? - Saturday. 2302. The whole Saturday. What condition was the watertight bulkhead in? - It was the idea to get the bunker out. The chief engineer, Mr. Bell, gave me orders: “Builder’s men wanted to inspect that bulkhead.” 2303. The bulkhead forms the side of the bunker. 2304. What was the condition of the bulkhead running through the bunker? - It was damaged from the bottom. 2305. Badly damaged? - The bottom of the watertight compartment was dinged aft and the other part was dinged forward. 2306. (The Commissioner.) What do you attribute that to? - The fire. 2307. Do you mean to say the firing of the coal would dinge the bulkhead? - Yes. 2308. (Mr. Lewis.) This is the bulkhead between sections 5 and 6? - Yes. Examined by MR. COTTER. 2309. You said that when she struck the water was two feet above the plate coming in? - Yes. Would not it be better for you to ask a steward? I am a stoker. The Commissioner: You must answer the questions. 2310. (Mr. Cotter - To the Witness.) You rushed through the emergency door into the next compartment, No. 5? - Yes. 2311. Now what I want to know is the dimensions of the bunker, how far it extended to amidships - fore and aft 9 feet. Now what was the extension the other way? - I cannot exactly tell you.
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