Page 135 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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class passengers coming out? - Coming around the house. 2257. You did not see whether or not any third-class passengers were coming from the fore part of the ship? - No; I never made an attempt to go forward. 2258. Your impression is that all the passengers in the neighbourhood of boats 13 and 15 were third-class passengers? - Yes; I believe the majority in No. 13 boat were third-class passengers. 2259. All the other boats except 13 and 14 had been launched? - On the starboard side. 2260. Did many passengers remain? - I could not say. 2261. Were there many passengers about on the boat deck that you picked up? - I was not on the boat deck. 2262. On the deck below? - Not many. 2263. Not many? - No. 2264. All the women were put into the boat? - Yes. 2265. Into boat 13? - As many as were there. Boat No. 13 was never lowered until all the women were taken off the deck. 2266. Was boat 15 lowered at this time? - It was lowered to the saloon deck. 2267. How many seamen were in charge of it? - I cannot tell you. 2268. Was it full? - I cannot tell you. 2269. You could not see it? - No. 2270. Were there any boats on the port side at this time? - I cannot say. 2271. Were passengers continuing to go from the deck above? - I cannot say that. They were just coming round as I got into the lifeboat. 2272. Many? - No; one’s and two’s. 2273. Were they men or women? - The women who came around were put in No. 13 boat. 2274. After No. 13 boat had been launched could you see what took place? - No. 2275. Were there any officers or seamen about at this time? - I cannot say. 2276. You do not remember? - No. Examined by MR. LEWIS. 2277. How long have you been in the White Star Line employment? - I was sailing out with the Company at Liverpool. 2278. You draw distinction between a boat drill and boat stations? - They do not lower a boat at sea; they only go and muster before the boats. 2279. Have you ever been stationed at your boat at a definite place? - Yes. 2280. Is it the general practice for the men to examine the boat list? - It is. When the list gets put up you might see your name and what boat you are at. 2281. With regard to this boat you left in, I understand you to say about 70 were in the boat? - Yes. 2282. Would you consider that boat safe? - No. 2283. How far from the water was the gunwale? - I should say, as a rough idea, about half a foot. 2284. I take it if it had been at all choppy it would have been extremely dangerous? - Yes. 2285. (The Commissioner.) If it had been bad weather would it have been worthwhile to get into the boats at all? - No. 2286. (Mr. Lewis.) Did you see any other boat? - There was one boat; I hailed one boat. 2287. Why? - Because I thought there was hardly anybody in it. 2288. How could you tell that? - The boat was pretty high out of the water. 2289. Did you get any reply? - They said they were full up. 2290. What height was it out of the water? - Between 3 and 4 feet.
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