Page 134 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 2234. In No. 13 lifeboat was there any seaman? - I could not tell you. 2235. How long have you been going to sea? - I have been going to sea over 10 years in the fire-room, but I was on the deck previous to that. 2236. Have you experience of a number of liners? - Yes, I have been in quite a quantity of liners. 2237. Is it usual for an officer to draw the attention of stokers to the stations given to them? - It is usual for the list to get put up. 2238. Can you tell his Lordship whether a list was put up on the “Titanic”? - I never look for that as a rule. 2239. Is it usual on liners to call all hands, including stokers, to muster for boat drill? - About twice a trip - once going to New York and once coming back. 2240. Are firemen called too on these occasions? - Yes. 2241. And there was no such practice or no such muster on this voyage? - No. Examined by Mr. ROCHE. 2242. I want you to answer two or three questions. You saw in your section Shepherd, the engineer No. 6? - Yes. 2243. And the last you saw of him was he had broken his leg and was taken to the pump room? - Yes. 2244. You have told us you saw Second Engineer Hesketh in No. 6? - That was the man who jumped through the watertight door, not Mr. Shepherd. 2245. And you left him in No. 5 also? - I left him in No. 5 also. 2246. And you saw there also two other engineers, Wilson and Harvey? - Yes. 2247. Did you see any other engineers at all? - No. 2248. Did you see any engineers at all on deck? - No; when I went up I saw one of the builders’ men. 2249. That is all you can tell me about the engineers. Now I want to ask you one question about the hole in this bunker that you have described to my Lord. I do not suppose you can tell us how big it was, but I expect you can tell us whether the water was coming through in a rush, or was trickling through? - I explained it was not coming through as much as in the other section. 2250. But did it look as if it were a hole, and as if a hole had been made by something outside puncturing the bunker, or did it look as if a rivet had been started by the shock? - That would be a question for an engineer. 2251. You can tell us, I think, by the amount of the flow. Was it pouring through? If you cannot tell us, you cannot? - I cannot explain. 2252. You cannot say how much water was coming through at all? - No. 2253. (The Commissioner.) I do not understand this. Was a teacupful of water coming through? - No. 2254. What was it? - A continual pour of water. 2255. Now, describe the pour of water. It was not like Niagara Falls, I suppose, but try and tell me what it was like? - Just the very same as an ordinary fire hose would come in. Examined by Mr. HARBINSON. 2256. I understood you to say when you came up on to the deck there were a number of third-
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