Page 133 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 133
2209. Then do you hear in the stoke-room if you are not making the revolutions? - They ring through on the telephone. 2210. And the order was 75 revolutions, was it? - Yes. 2211. Were you making 75? - I could not tell you that because it is a long way to walk. I never used the passage to the engine room. 2212. You never heard a complaint? - No, I heard no complaints. 2213. Can you tell us, is 75 revolutions what you had been doing during that day, or ordered to? - I got the order the day before. 2214. You got the order the day before? - Yes. 2215. On the Saturday; and how many revolutions had you been doing before that? - Just the same, I think. 2216. Then, so far as you know, the order for the number of revolutions was the same up to the accident? - Yes. 2217. Then as far as you know there was no reduction in speed? - There were two main boilers lit up on the Sunday morning, but I could not tell you whether they were connected with the others or not. 2218. You mean two main boilers which had not been lit up before? - Yes, they were lit up. 2219. That is extra? - Yes. 2220. On the Sunday morning? - Yes. 2221. That is why you told me that there had been 8 boilers out and afterwards you thought there were only 5 or 6 out; is that it? - Yes. The Commissioner: What he said was 5 boilers, certainly, and perhaps 8. 2222. (The Solicitor-General.) Yes, my Lord, I am much obliged. (To the Witness.) That is what you said, Barrett - you said 5 boilers were out, certainly, and perhaps 8? - Yes, and perhaps 8. 2223. Now, just explain why you say that? - When you light a boiler up it will take 12 hours before you can connect it with the others to get steam on as a rule in a merchant ship as far as my experience goes. 2224. These three, the difference between the 5 and the 8, were they lit up? - Those three were lit up on the Sunday morning. The Commissioner: Was it 3 or 2? I wrote down 2 main boilers were lit up on the Sunday morning, and you said 2. The Solicitor-General: It would not be in his section. 2225. (The Commissioner.) Which was it, 2 or 3? - I could not exactly say. The Commissioner: Then we will say 2 or 3. 2226. (The Solicitor-General.) Do you know in which section they were? - In the after section - the next one to the after section. That would be No. 2 section. 2227. In No. 2? - Yes. 2228. Of course that would not be your section? - No. 2229. So I suppose you can only have heard this? - My other leading hand is in charge of that section and he tells me this when he comes by. 2230. What is his name? - Ferris. 2231. (The Solicitor-Genera1.) He says, my Lord, the other leading hand, a man named Ferris, who would be in charge of No. 2, told him this when he came by.(To the Witness.) Was Ferris saved, or not? - He was drowned. 2232. (The Commissioner.) Now I want to know this. Can you tell me when those two or three main boilers were lit on the Sunday morning - about what time? - As near as I could say, 8 o’clock in the morning. 2233. Then they may have been connected that same night? - Yes.
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