Page 132 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 132
2179. Can you tell us how many of the crew there were? - I could not; the crew mostly consisted of stewards. 2180. There was yourself and there was Beauchamp the fireman? - Yes. I think there was another fireman, but I am not sure; I cannot say for certain. 2181. There may have been another fireman; that would make a leading stoker and two firemen. Were there some stewards? - Yes. 2182. Do you know how many or about how many? - No idea. 2183. You must have some idea? - Judging by the majority, because they were sitting six on a thwart, two inside of each oar, and the man pulling made a third one. He could not pull; he was only just dipping the oar into the water. 2184. Because they were sitting six on a thwart? - Yes. 2185. You say five-sixths were women? - Yes. 2186. Were there any children? - There were two - I am not sure whether there were two or one. 2187. You have told us you saw some third-class passengers coming up to where these boats were, as far as you know. Had you got some of those third-class passengers in your boat? - All the women were getting up in the boat at the last of it, and the women were there till there was no more. The men stood all in one line when I was getting up there. I saw them standing in one line, as if at attention waiting for an order to get into the boat, against the back of the house. 2188. Was there good order on deck? - Yes. 2189. Did you see who was keeping them back, if anybody was? - I did not. 2190. Was there any officer there? - No. 2191. They were keeping good order without him? - Yes. 2192. You say you had got about 70 people in your boat. Did you pick up anybody out of the sea or not? - No. 2193. Had you any room to? - No. 2194. There are two or three questions we ask everybody about these boats; I will put them to you. As far as you know, was there any compass in this boat No. 13? - I did not look. 2195. At any rate, no compass was used as far as you know? - The only thing I looked for was a light. 2196. Was there any light in the boat? - No. 2197. Was there any water? - I did not look. 2198. Biscuits? - I did not look. 2199. I gather, Barrett, really, that you felt the cold so much that you do not remember very much? - No, I remember the ship went down. 2200. You remember the ship going down? - Yes; then I must have fallen asleep. 2201. You said one of the women put a cloak over you? - Yes. 2202. We know that the fires were lit in No. 5, and I suppose in No. 6, your section. Were all the fires lit in the ship? - No. 2203. Do you know how many sections were lit? - The first two days when she left Southampton there were nine boilers out. The next two days there were eight out. 2204. When you say they were out, do you mean they were not lit? - They were not lit. 2205. And on the day of the accident were there eight boilers not in use? - I could not exactly say about how many were not in use. There were either eight or five; I can say sure for five. 2206. Would you know at all anything about the number of revolutions they were making or the pace they were going? - Seventy-five was my order. 2207. Seventy-five were your orders? - Yes. 2208. I do not quite understand what you mean by saying it is your orders? - The second engineer gives orders to me of the revolutions he wants, and I pass the word to all my other men.
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