Page 117 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 117
1970. Now tell us what happened after that. We have come back to No. 5, and you say they were attending to the pumps there. What was the next thing that happened? - They rang through from the engine room to send all the stokers up and me to remain there. 1971. They rang through from the engine room. The engine room is further aft, of course? - Yes, right aft. 1972. It is under the after funnel? - They have a telephone in every section. 1973. The engine room is between the third and fourth funnels? They telephoned from the engine room to No. 5 section did they? - Yes. 1974. And what did you say the message was? - Send all the stokers up. 1975. Up where? On deck? -Yes, up on deck. 1976. I think you told me you were told to remain? - Yes. 1977. Who gave you that order? - Mr. Harvey. 1978. That was one of the engineers that was in No. 5? - Yes. 1979. Do you know what he wanted you to remain for? - In case he wanted anything, I could go and fetch it, because you have to travel up ladders. You cannot go through the watertight doors. 1980. That is what I wanted to know. Was the watertight door in the bulkhead behind you, the one at the afterend of No. 5 shut? - Yes. 1981. Does that shut automatically too? - I believe it shuts the same as the remainder. 1982. Then you were given an order by Mr. Harvey to remain there, and I suppose you did. What did the other hands there do? - I sent them up. 1983. They all went up? - Yes. 1984. Then you and Mr. Harvey were left alone in No. 5? - And Mr. Wilson and Mr. Shepherd. 1985. The three engineers and you. Was it still clear of water? - Yes. 1986. So the bulkhead in front of No. 5 was holding the water back? - Yes. 1987. Now what happened after that? - The lights went out. 1988. The lights went out in No. 5? - Yes. 1989. And when the lights went out what did you do? - Mr. Harvey sent me up for some lamps. 1990. Did you go? - I went to the top of the escape and sent two firemen. They fetched 12 to 15 back. 1991. I should like to understand about the escape. This is the escape ladder, of course? - Yes. 1992. Is it an iron ladder, and you climb up hand over hand? - No, it is an iron ladder on a slant. It slants over the boiler. 1993. Where does it come out? - Into the main alleyway. 1994. And then that runs fore and aft, and you can go forward by it? - Yes. 1995. You sent two firemen for lamps? - Yes. 1996. Is the lamp room in the forecastle? - You have to go down into the engine room for them. 1997. They had to go aft? - Yes, aft to the engine room. 1998. Did they get lamps? - Yes. 1999. And bring them back to you? - Yes. 2000. Did you take them down to Number 5? - Yes. 2001. (The Commissioner.) The electric lights were still burning in the alleyway? - They went out for ten minutes. They must have been changing over to the other engine. As soon as I got the lamps they came on again. 2002. That is in the alleyway? - In the stokehold. 2003. (The Solicitor-General.) I am not sure you have answered my Lord’s question. You went up as far as the alleyway, and the alleyway is lighted by electric light? - Yes. 2004. Was the light burning or was it out there too? - It was burning there.
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