Page 11 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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th 25. When the “Titanic” left Queenstown on or about 11 April last was she properly constructed and adequately equipped as a passenger steamer and emigrant ship for the Atlantic service? 26. The Court is invited to report upon the Rules and Regulations made under the Merchant Shipping Acts, 1894 -1906, and the administration of those Acts, and of such Rules and Regulations, so far as the consideration thereof is material to this casualty, and to make any recommendations or suggestions that it may think fit, having regard to the circumstances of the casualty with a view to promoting the safety of vessels and persons at sea. The Attorney-General: My Lord, may I say that the Assessors will all have copies of the Questions by this afternoon. They have, of course, had to be very hurriedly typewritten, and we have a very few copies; but I will just indicate what they are. My Lord, the first Question asks, th “When the “Titanic” left Queenstown on or about 11 April last (a) what was the total member of persons employed in any capacity on board her, and what were their respective ratings? (b) What was the total number of her passengers, distinguishing sexes and classes and discriminating between adults and children?” The second Question is for the purpose of ascertaining whether the “Titanic” complied with the requirements of the Merchant Shipping Acts and the Rules and Regulations which apply to passenger steamers and emigrant ships. The third Question asks whether any special provision was made in the actual design and construction of the “Titanic” for the safety of the vessel and the lives of those on board in the event of collision or casualty. The fourth is to ascertain how the “Titanic” was officered and manned. The fifth relates to the number of boats and asks “What was the number of the boats of any kind on board “Titanic”? Were the arrangements for manning and launching the boats on board the “Titanic” in case of emergency proper and sufficient? Had a boat drill been held on board, and, if so, when? What was the carrying capacity of the respective boats? The sixth Question relates to the installations for receiving and transmitting messages by wireless telegraphy on board the “Titanic,” and as to the number of operators employed on the installation, and in whether the installation was in good and effective order. The seventh Question is as to whether instructions as to navigation were given to the Master or known by him to apply to her voyage, and, if so, what those instructions were. The eighth Question relates to the track taken by the “Titanic” in crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and whether that was the track usually followed by liners, and whether that track is a fit track at that time of the year, and whether the Master had any, and, if so, what discretion as regards the track to be taken. That, your Lordship will see, deals with what I may call the first Chapter of Questions, 1 to 8, that is, as to what happened before any suggestion of warning. Then, my Lord, Question 9 asks whether, after leaving Queenstown, information reached the “Titanic” by wireless messages, or otherwise by signals, of the existence of ice in certain latitudes. Then, if such information did reach the “Titanic,” it is asked what were the messages or signals, and when were they received; was her course altered in consequence of receiving such information; and, if so, in what way, and what replies did she send? Then Question 10 asks whether a good and proper look-out for ice was kept on board, and whether, after receiving any warning, directions were given to vary the speed, and, if so, were they carried out? Then, my Lord, Question 11 is directed to ascertaining whether binoculars were provided for and used by the look-out men, and whether the use of binoculars is necessary or useful in such circumstances; whether the “Titanic” had the means of throwing searchlights around her; whether, if she had, she made use of them to discover ice, and whether searchlights should have been provided and used on board the “Titanic”? Question 12 asks whether any other precautions were taken by the th “Titanic” in anticipation of meeting ice; and the 13 Question is to ascertain whether anybody on
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