Page 104 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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other boat I transferred some of those people off the upturned boat into another boat; I think it was No. 10. 1640. I have not got it yet, I think. When No. 8 went away she had 40 people in her, you think? - Yes. 1641. How many people went in your collapsible? - Forty; loaded right up. 1642. And they went into No. 8, did they not? - Yes. 1643. And that made 80? - Yes. 1644. Where did the 36 men off the collapsible go? - We took them aboard our boat and then we transferred some of them to another boat that came up alongside us; No. 10, I think. 1645. At one time you had more than 80 on No. 8? - Yes, at the time we were crossing. 1646. You did not see any living people in the water? - No. 1647. Did you hear any cries? - I did. 1648. Did you see No. 12 boat at all, or only No. 8, or was it No. 12? - Well, I started all those boats on the port side right till I got forward. 1649. The one you transferred your people to, was that No. 8 or No. 12? - They were the last people to go on board the “Carpathia,” and to be picked up. 1650. Were they No. 8 or No. 12? - I think one was No. 8. I think the other was No. 10 or 12. I would not be sure; I know the coxswain of her. 1651. What is his name? - Foley. 1652. Was he a steward? - No, a sailor. 1653. He is not a third-class steward? - No. 1654. Was he saved? - Yes. 1655. Now, did you have any boat drill? - Yes. 1656. Where was that? - Southampton. 1657. You told me you came on board just before she sailed? - Yes, but we always had this boat drill with the Board of Trade muster - just after we have our muster, that is just after 9. 1658. Earlier in the day? - Yes. 1659. You mean you had your boat drill and then went ashore again? - Yes; it is a regular thing for sailors to go ashore and have a final drink. 1660. Did you actually take part in the boat drill or did you only muster? - I went up to the boats to lower them, but I went ashore. 1661. How do you mean? - I went up about the boat, and as soon as I saw a chance I went ashore. 1662. You did not take part yourself in the actual drill? - No. 1663. Where was the drill held, on the boat deck? - Yes. 1664. How near to the drill did you get? - I got on the boat deck to get the boats out, and then I went ashore. 1665. You did not bear a hand in anything? - No. 1666. Did you get to your right boat? - It is any boat you get in. They lower the boats and you go away in those boats, you sail back and get hoisted in board. 1667. You do not muster at your particular boats? - No. 1668. You had a particular boat? - Yes, you always muster at that when you are at sea. 1669. Did you have any boat drill at sea? - Not in this ship. 1670. You knew where your boat was? - Yes. 1671. How many seamen were there in No. 8 when you got there? - Two. 1672. How many seamen, in your judgment, does it want to man one of these boats? - A lifeboat wants at least 12 hands in it. 1673. And how many passengers would she then hold safely? - I should think she would take 40 comfortably.
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