Page 102 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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Mr. Rowlatt: No, he said two points on the port bow. That would be in that direction (indicating), assuming they are speaking of the time when the ship was in the same place. The Commissioner: It is possible the “Titanic” had turned, you mean? 1577. (Mr. Rowlatt.) We cannot tell how she was moving. Did you notice whether the “Titanic” moved at all after the collision? - No, I do not think she did. 1578. She lay pointing in the same direction? - Yes. 1579. Did you take any notice of that? You would not notice unless you noticed the stars, I suppose; you would not see, would you? - No. 1580. Did you see any other light beside the red light? - Yes, the steaming light. 1581. You did? - Yes, I saw the sidelights and the steaming light. 1582. You said the sidelight was faint? - Yes, certainly. 1583. Was the other light faint or clear? - You can only see one side. 1584. I know that, but I mean the masthead light? - Yes, clear. 1585. Could you judge at all how far off it was? - It was about eight or nine miles; it was right on the horizon. 1586. Are you speaking of it being on the horizon when you were in the boat? - Yes. 1587. And of course before you left the “Titanic” you were down on the water as you have told us? - Yes. 1588. I want to go back for a moment to get one thing clear. You told us you got into a boat and were ordered out of it? - Yes. 1589. Which boat was that? - That was the collapsible boat. 1590. Is that the same one you went away in? - That is the same one I went away in. 1591. I see - port side? - Yes. 1592. You came back to her afterwards? - I came back to her afterwards. 1593. When the “Titanic” went down did you see wreckage about? - Chairs and spare cupboards like. 1594. And people in the water? - No, I never saw anybody in the water. 1595. Did you go back in your boat? - I transferred all the women from my boat to No. 8 boat because I was frightened of my boat capsizing and going down. 1596. Whose boat was No. 8 boat? - Poingdestre was in charge. 1597. You got all your women out of your boat into No. 8? - Yes. 1598. Then what did you do with your boat? - Poingdestre asked me if I would go in the boat and get hold of an oar and I said yes, and then I went over to the upturned boat where we had picked up 36 from the wreckage. 1599. What upturned boat was this? - This was one of the boats that had got off from the deck where I was assisting before I went away in this collapsible boat. 1600. Was it a collapsible boat? - It was a collapsible boat. 1601. It was upturned? - It was upturned. 1602. Were there people clinging to it? - Yes, 36 on the top of it. 1603. There were two collapsibles on the “Titanic,” were there not? - There are four. 1604. These are the two that got off? - Yes. 1605. Now with regard to these 36 people on this upturned boat, what happened to them? - I put them in the boat that I was in. 1606. You took them off? - Yes. 1607. With your collapsible? - No, with this No. 8 boat. 1608. What happened to your collapsible? - I let that go with the three men in it. 1609. Where did they go? - Well, they hung on to the remainder and were knocking round - tied themselves together afterwards. 1610. I just want to get it quite clear. You went with this collapsible boat alongside No. 8? -
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