Page 10 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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16. What steps were taken immediately on the happening of the casualty? How long after the casualty was its seriousness realised by those in charge of the vessel? What steps were then taken? What endeavours were made to save the lives of those on board and to prevent the vessel from sinking? 17. Was proper discipline maintained on board after the casualty occurred? 18. What messages for assistance were sent by the “Titanic” after the casualty and at what times respectively? What messages were received by her in response and at what times respectively? By what vessels were the messages that were sent by the “Titanic” received, and from what vessels did she receive answers? What vessels other than the “Titanic” sent or received the messages at or shortly after the casualty in connection with such casualty? What were the vessels that sent or received such messages? Were any vessels prevented from going to the assistance of the “Titanic” or her boats owing to messages received from the “Titanic” or owing to any erroneous messages being sent or received? In regard to such erroneous messages, from what vessels were they sent and by what vessels were they received and at what times respectively? 19. Was the apparatus for lowering the boats on the “Titanic” at the time of the casualty in good working order? Were the boats swung out, filled, lowered, or otherwise put into the water and got away under proper superintendence? Were the boats sent away in seaworthy condition and properly manned, equipped and provisioned? Did the boats, whether those under davits or otherwise, prove to be efficient and serviceable for the purpose of saving life? 20. What was the number of (a.) passengers, (b.) crew taken away in each boat on leaving the vessel? How was this number made up having regard to: 1. Sex. 2. Class. 3. Rating? How many were children and how many adults? Did each boat carry its full load and, if not, why not? 21. How many persons on board the “Titanic” at the time of the casualty were ultimately rescued, and by what means? How many lost their lives? Of those rescued how many have since died? What was the number of passengers, distinguishing between men and women and adults and children of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd classes respectively who were saved? What was the number of the crew, discriminating their ratings and sex, that were saved? What is the proportion which each of these numbers bears to the corresponding total number on board immediately before the casualty? What reason is there for the disproportion, if any? 22. What happened to the vessel from the happening of the casualty until she foundered? 23. Where and at what time did the “Titanic” founder? 24. What was the cause of the loss of the “Titanic,” and of the loss of life which thereby ensued or occurred? Was the construction of the vessel and its arrangements such as to make it difficult for any class of passenger or any portion of the crew to take full advantage of any the existing provisions for safety?
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