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the disaster, he included lines zuch as:'Wlry waiting forhim on the ship backto England understood him and was "absolutelyorwinced" people try to make me responsible I cannot an4 he told her later, he read it every night. they would meet again They never did" imagine.The last weekhas been a honible Marian had lost her husband but, unlike the other Ismaywas sea-changed" His nighmares woke nightrnare to me, and I cannot yet realise the widows in first class, she harboured no ill will the house, he was blackballed from his club, an Tiunic has gone. . . I am having a truly awful time." towards Ismay.While the others on the rescue old friendtumedhim awayfrom the front door. ship were spreading rumours about Ismay's Florence soonredised that theyhad notbeen arianThayerwas a glamorous and culpability, her son fack went to see him in his gircn a second chance at their marriage, as she highly sympathetic woman by all cabin.'I have neverseen a man so completely had hoped, at all: their lives, as she put it were aocounts: in love with herhusband" wrecked" he recalled 28 years later. "ruined'. Ismaywas the loneliest man in the deroted to her four children, loyal to her friends In that first letterMarian said she wished she world and at the heart of that laya horrorshe - and someone who appeared to understand had died that night too, and asked him not to could do nothing to soothe. He felt his survival unhappiness. That was her appeal. Her son fack forget her. His reply was unusually affectionate had gone against the natural order ofthings and said theyhad got to know Ismay"well"on the - this was a man who ridiculed his sonTom, who that God had nowabandoned him. He did not voyage. She flanered him with herattentiorl as she had been left crippled by polio. *Foryou, poor want his wife's sympathy and was appalled by probably flattered other men; in response Ismay dear, my heart bleeds and I cannot convey to you hersuggestion that the disasterwould bring felt unusuallyrela:ad and open. in words all I feel. I ask myself often why it is you them closertogether. Florence then made a Although Thayer was constantly chaperoned, seem so much to me. Canyou answer?"He said decision she would regret: theTitanic was never - rrben they met they never turned from each other. he felt he had done nothing wrong and could not to be mentioned again in her husbands _ He looked for reasons to detain her, and when he blame himself for the disaster. Nonetheless, he presence. He was not to talkabout the ship, the I sewheron the promenade deckwith Emily said, "the feeling is there". whole thing was to be forgonen. , Ryersorl what better excuse than to show them Marian spent the rest of herdays writing MrsThayerreplied to Ismay's first lenerwith a the message warning of icebergs?When Mrs to those who shared hersense ofthe long one of herown. Ismaywaited until Florence L Ryerson signed heraffidavit forthe British inquiry, meaninglessness of living on aftersuch a had gone out before composing his reply. "My - lmayhave beenThayerwho persuaded herto catastrophe - not just Ismay.To him, however, wife hasgone to church andl am sittingwriting withhold Ismay's comments about lighting they seemed to have a unique bond. "You are toyou bythe open window,looking overthe furtherboilers togpt through the ice.The poor constantly in my thoughts," he wrote. They garden. Otu how I wish you were here and we man was going through enough already. were the same in their"grief and loss"-she could sit out in the garden and help each other. Mn Thayer phoned Ismay to say goodbye before for her husban4 he for his ship. He hoped they It would be lovely. I feel, now, that you are very he left NewYorkon May5.Alenerfrom herrryas might have a future, in some form. He felt she close to me. . ." Ismay was desperate to talk about
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