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taking it out that afternoon to show passengers Mrs MarianThayer and Mrs Emily Ryerson, and retuming it to Captain Smith before supper so it could be displayed in the officers'chart room. Ismaywas not concemed; it must have been the calmest night €verknown on the NorthAtlantic. The Titanic - the largest moving obiect on Earth - was 46,000 tons ofsteel and the height ofan ll-storey building. To stand on the deck, said a passengerlater,"gave one a sense ofwonderful security".The collision occurred at ll.40pm; the ship's speed was 22 knots, and it took l0 seconds for the iceberg to tear a 500ft gash along her starboard side. It felt, recalled one woman, as if it been seized byagiant hand and shaken -once, twice, then stopped dead in its course". -'had * if:1,:"fi::,mru1;;HTi:.' .. --: smay put on an overcoat and a pair of went onto the bridge,where Captain Smith told him theyhad stuckan iceberg.Was the ship rr^maged?"I am afraid she is,"the captain replied. As president of the White Star Line it was Ismay nfio had made tlrcfuialdecisions about the ship's design and equipment. He had turned down the suggestion ofplacing three lifeboats, rather than one, on each davit. The Titanic was already carrying l0o/o more than the British Board of Trade official requirements; anyway, why clutter the recreation deck unnecessarily? "lf a steamship boats out. It was now five minutes after midnight. him getting into the first lifeboat. One wom:rn had enough lifeboats for all,' a White Star Line "l rendered all the assistance I could,"lsmay said he selected his own crew to row him away. i + official explaine4"there would be no room testified later."l helped as faras I could."When 13 In reality, very few people knew who Ismay - left on deckforthe passengers.The necessary of the standard boats were away, he helped to load was orwhat he looked like. Even those who did o 9 @ number of lifeboats would be carried at the Collapsible C, one of fourcanvas-sided life rafts. know him had different versions. August Weikmaq o 2 cost of many present comforts to our patrons". TWenty-one women, two men, 14 young children the ship's barber, who was rescued from a floating 9 : I Ismaywas the onlyman,apart from the captain, and six crew were given seats and the life raft deckchair, swore in an affrdavit that Ismayw:ls "literally thrown" into Collapsible C by an officer. o .I Second Offi cer Charles Lightoller, another loyal OFTEN THINK t)F WHERE OUR FRIENDSHIP W(]UI.I) HAVE TAKEN US employee, agreed. But Ismay always denied that - l IFTHATAWFUT DISASTER HAD TOTTAKET PLACE. he was obeying orders - a fact that would have t exonerated him from the accusation ofcowardice- H()W I REMEMBER OUR C()NVERSATIONS WHEN E\/ERYTHINE L()[}KEI) BRIGHT' ct MarianThayer's l7-yearold lack- whose father,lohn BThayer, died that night latert{qle: - - the ship's designer and the chief engineer, who was lowered. By now the deck was flooding and "l saw Ismay, who had been assisting in the -) - = knew that the lifeboats could carry less than half the ship was listing heavily. As the boat, the loading of the last boat, push his way into it. It was ofthose on board. But he did not warn, oreven third-to-last to leave theTitanic on the starboard really every man for himself."Abraham Hyman, t tryto fin4 O'Loughlin, his dining companion,or side, was being lowered, he iumped in. a 34-year-old framerfrom Manchester, described = Charles M Hays, who was travelling as his guest, Otherversions ofhis departure exist, none of the forward deck"jammed with the people, all E or Richard Fry, his valet of l0 years, or George which agree. In the US inquiry which began in of them pushing and clawing and frghting". - Dodd, his family's former butler, orArthur NewYork's Waldorf-Astoria hotel five days later, In Ismay's own, unemotional account, there was c Hayter, his stewar4 orWilliam Harrison, his and the British Board ofTrade inquiry which no crowd around the boat, and no panic. secretary, all of whom were to die. It was only opened in London the following month, every One afteranother, l8 lifeboats dropped into = 6 Marian Thayer, standing with her husband and man called to the stand had to account forhis own the sea, most of them half-filled. The Titanic had 9. son, who was told that the ship had an hour to live. survival. Manywitnesses were asked to describe lifeboat capacity for 1,100 of the2,340 passengers - o Ismay heard the captain order the lifeboats Ismay's actions too. Those, mainly women, who and crew on board, but only 705 people were tr a to be prepared, and forwomen and children were not invited to give evidence, related their saved, ofwhom 325 were men.At 49, Ismayw:rs p to go first. He told an officer to start gening the tales of Ismay to the press. Many remembered the oldest person on his lifeboat.TheTitanic was
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