Page 5 - Minutes of Proceedings of Civil Engineers Vol CXCV 1913-14 Part 3 Correspondence
P. 5
120 connnsl'oNDr:Nca oN TIID coNsTRUcTIoN oF fMinuter ol ![r. Brenon. of an aggrcgnto of cnrslrcd glnnite for sand, mired with 2-inch cubcs of lrroken stonc, It nlso rtlmitted of the use of a full pro- (( portion of plurn " stones, rvith grent both as to strength and cost. Illrge rlrrantities of cmshod-gr:rnite sand and chips rverc now prcprre(l in tlre l I iglrlrnd grnnite-qunrrics for. making concreto, n.rrd soll nt 6s. per totr. 'l'hc use of r.einforccrl-concrete cnissons for tho founrlutions of tho tvrrll-picrs l'ns n satisfo,ctory way of overcotning tlro rlillicultics of tho foundttion, but he consideretl tlrrt thcso n,lso rvcrc rrnnccessnrily henvy, and that thcy n'elo rnole
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