Page 1 - Minutes of Proceedings of Civil Engineers Vol CXCV 1913-14 Part 1
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MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS or THE INSTITUTION CIVIL ENGINEERS; WTIE OTEEB SELECTED AND ABSTRACTED PAPERS. Vou CXCV. DDITED 8Y J. H. T. TUDSBERY, D.Sc., M. fxsr. O.8., Snonrtenr. LOI{DON: lFubligle! tg @!e llnrtitution, GREAT GEORGE STREET, WESTMINSTER, S.W. ( [TrLEcRAys,,. Ir{Brrrvrror, LoxDox." Txr,EPEonr, VrcroRr.a, a6??,,] 1914. tThe right ol PttblitCbt anil ol llrontbtian is rescruit,!
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